About Cushion Flex

Cushion Flex is a family run business whos footwear passion arose in the 1970s with our parents. It all started selling shoes on a local market stall. The footwear was purchased from the Rossendale valley in Lancashire, which at the time was a booming footwear industry.

Moving on 30 years and we find ourselves importing quality comfort footwear from worldwide destinations. After 4 years of wholesaling our footwear we realised there was a gap in the market for our product (affordable, quality, comfortable footwear) and decided to open our first shop.

In June 2006 our Huddersfield store opened and due to its success we soon recognised our niche and strived to open stores throughout the North of England. We now have 9 Cushionflex stores scattered over the country, from Derby being the most southerly to Darlington being the most northerly.

Cushionflex is an established high street brand that offers excellent customer service and outstanding quality products. We now employ over 30 staff and every member of our team will gladly help you with any questions you may have. We pride ourselves on customer care so you can always enjoy your shopping experience to the utmost.